Lucinda Brokeshoulder

About Me:

I am a Dallas native and love my job as a hairstylist.  I love making people look good.  I began my cosmetology career in high DownTownDallas1.jpgschool.  I then enhanced my styling techniques at several Dallas salons.  I’ve worked at Knockouts where I learned everything about mens hair styles.  I  worked at Toni & Guy as a color technician where I mastered the art of hair coloring.  T&GI also worked at the Boardroom where I learned how to sharpen my hair cutting techniques by giving my clients a personal experience.


Now with 8 years experience in the beauty industry, I bring my clients dedicated expertise in all aspects in hair care.  If you are seeking a personal hair stylist and tired of the busy hair salon enviroment?  Schedule a consulation meeting with me and experience a relaxing session with a professional haircut.

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